Simikot Limi Valley

 Simikot Limi Valley is one of the most isolated and unexplored valleys in the Nepal Himalaya in Humla district of far western Nepal. The Limi valley is full of gorgeous landscapes with waterless and desert like terrain surrounded by towering Himalayas. Inhabitants of this area are Tibetan origin mostly and their background, custom and way of life are highly influenced to Tibetans. Trekking to Limi valley has been opened only since 2002.
The Simikot Limi Valley trek starts from Simikot, Elevated 2910 meters and climb up Nara La pass, 4530 meters and make a circle back to Simikot via Limi valley through picturesque Nyalu La, 4950 meters. This strong but worthwhile trek presents the opportunity to convene the sociable villagers of upper Humla. Explore the monasteries which are up to 1000 years old and knowledge the sole culture of the past still in perform. Most focused of this trek Limi valley is very beautiful, pictorial, broad and astonishing. This region is also the destination for rare flora and fauna. It can be seen the Himalayan black bear , marmot, wild horse, wild yak, blue sheep, wolf, barking deer, musk deer, hare and infrequently the snow leopard. The trekking route continues the olden salt trading and pilgrimage route to the border of Nepal and China, crossing the Nara La pass.
Day 01: Fly to Nepalgunj.
Day 02: Fly to Simikot, 2950 meters.
Day 03: Simikot to Dharapuri, 2310 meters.
Day 04: Dharapuri to Kermi, 2670 meters.
Day 05: Kermi toYalbang, 3020 meters.
Day 06: Yalbang to Tumkot, 3382 meters.
Day 07: Tumkot to Yari, 3700 meters.
Day 08: Trek to Hilsa, 3720 meters via Nara La, 4620 meters.
Day 09: Hilsa to Manepeme, 3990 meters.
Day 10: Trek to Til, 4000 meters.
Day 11: Til to Halji, 3660 meters, 3 hrs.
Day 12: Trek to Jang, 3930 meters.
Day 13: Trek to Talung, 4370 meters.
Day 14: Talung to Shinjungma (3620 m) via Nyalu La (4949 m) 8 hrs.
Day 15: Shinjungma to Kermi 2670 meters, 7 hrs.
Day 16: Kermi to Simikot (2950 m) 6 hrs.
Day 17: Fly to Nepalgunj-Kathmandu.

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