Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Welcome to AAROHI HOLIDAY PVT LTD your guide to the 'Journey of a Lifetime'! Experience the diverse customs and cultures of the people of   Nepal, and Bhutan, Tibet. where the highest mountains on earth and the many wild rivers that flow from them enthrall the  brave just as much as the timid. We invite you to visit the many pristine forests, as well as the many jungles where diverse plant and wildlife,  Abound ,the  ancient cities, quaint Little villages, royal palaces, Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. That are to be found in this part of the world. Our focus is to create an  Bagmati Tour and Trekking In Nepal experience that is second to none, that reveal the full unique beauty and wonder of this magical and holy land, that offer adventure and reflection, establish genuine caring connections with its people, that is hassle-free, completely affordable, and that helps support and preserve local environments and cultures. We prefer to tread lightly in the many sensitive areas of this land, always helping to preserve and protect the Environment. We depend on the Himalayas for our livelihood, and we love our land and its people. For these reasons we are committed to supporting the culture and environment by improving the standard of living in the Himalayas through our work. We provide jobs to villagers as we pass through their homeland, educate young people on the importance of using resources wisely, pick up mountain climbers' used oxygen bottles and return them to the city for recycling, fund a village school and library, sponsor children's' education and finance skills training for the blind. Bagmati Tour and Trekking In Nepal  was founded on the principles of understanding, respect, caring and leadership. Those who work for us are deeply rooted in this and eager to share their extensive experience and knowledge of local traditions, history, and landmarks. Our guides are committed to taking care of our guests thoughtfully, making sure each person has opportunities to explore their own interests (cultural, scenic, educational), has the level of physical challenge they want and are ready for, and travel in safety and good health.Our prices are also reasonabl as we do not engage in the practice of inflating prices to take advantage of our guests. We love sharing our world with you and invite you to come experience the 'Journey of a Lifetime' in the experienced hands of bagmato tour. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us bagmati time is  social side it helps for who is travel  in  nepal for a trek and tour .clients group and customized, individual treks and tours of the Himalayan Region . Our specialty is the Himalayas; these astonishing mountains nourish a unique diversity of life and culture that for centuries has called out to the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Bagmati Tour,Trekking In Nepal social group  opens up the magic and mystery of these great mountains, their sacred places, remote villages, legendary cities and ancient palaces.Let us take you to the Great Mount Everest, the breathtaking Annapurna Sanctuary and to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. We visit Tibet's holy Mount Kailash, and Lhasa- the world's highest capital city with the unforgettable Potala Palace. We give you idea about tour Bhutan, land of thunder and dragon.Bagmati Tour,Trekking In Nepal invite  trekkerss and tours enable you to experience the highlights of each of these very special locations, from day-long walking cultural tours to month-long treks into the less frequented Himalayas. We also customize excursions to fit your exact needs and wishes. We heartily invite you to experience the most awesome Himalayas, the diverse cultures and languages, and the rich spiritual heritage of this part of the world. Please join us on, "The Journey of a Lifetime"!