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Nepal is known as country of Village. Nepali society is unique society because of its diversity. People who are interested knowing the diverse culture in its depth, Nepal Village tour can be one of the best programs. People do not only come Nepal to view Mountains but also they come for cultural studies. Our Village Tour Program is designed to experience you Nepal's cultural traditions they exist still unspoiled. In Nepal more than 120 ethnic variety of people live just in area of 1,47, 181 SQ Km (0.003 of the world's area), so in each 5 meters walk you will feel much diverse in aspects of live of the people living there.
The concept of Home stay tourism is flourishing in Nepal. Some beautiful villages of Nepal have started Home stay Tourism in Nepal since few years and they have been center of attraction. You can take the taste of Agro Tourism, Rural Tourism, Eco Tourism and Cultural tours in this Program. This will be the great opportunity to experience Nepal being a local or part of the community. You will get chance to have firsth and experience.  We will make your village tour itinerary through beautiful unspoiled places so this program can be much rewarding for you.
Ghale Gaun,Sirubari are centers of village tour in Nepal and we have different villages on our program list. We suggest you the place to go based on your days, your interest, the activities you would like to do etc. Ghale Gaun a village destination which is nominated as best village in South Asia has been the first choice. It lies next hill that of Pokhara. Ghale Gaun is village of warrior Gurkha people which lies along the Annapurna Circuit Route.
Gurung Heritage Trail is a Trekking route made of Networking of Unique villages that lies in western Nepal. It includes Bhujung the largest village of Nepal. Gurung Heritage Trail starts from Besishar (the starting point of Annapurna Circuit and ends in beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara. You are invited to join our Village tour Programs. This is just the sample village Itinerary. There are many unique villages that lie in Himalayan and Terai region of Nepal.

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